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Curtain wall aluminum
Curtain wall aluminum
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1, the wind pressure deformation resistance

2, water leakage, water tightness

3, air permeability (air tightness)

4, the in-plane deformation (extent)

5, and thermal (heat preservation)

6, sound insulation

7, lightning protection

8, fire prevention

9, the environmental protection

10, sound absorption,

11, beautiful, decoration

12, the energy conservation


1, the quality of lightIn the same area, under the comparison of the quality of the glass curtain wall around 1/10 ~ 1/12, painted brick wall is 1/15 of the wet method of marble, granite facing wall, is the concrete hangs Taiwan 1/5 ~ 1/7.General construction, the quality of the inner and outer wall is about building the 1/4 ~ 1/5 of the total weight.The curtain wall can greatly reduce the weight of the building, so as to reduce the engineering cost.

2, design flexibleArt effect is good, the architect can according to your requirements design all sorts of modelling, can present a different color, with the surrounding environment coordination, cooperate the buildings such as light and natural be in harmony are an organic whole, let high-rise buildings to reduce pressure.

3, anti-seismic abilityWind and earthquake resistant capability is strong, using the flexible design, is the optimal choice of tall buildings.

4, systematic constructionEasier to control the time limit for a project, systematic construction and less time-consuming.

5, modernCan improve the innovative construction, science and technology, such as photovoltaic energy saving curtain wall, double ventilation and intelligent technology facilities, such as respiratory curtain wall design.

6, update, maintenance is convenientBecause it is in the building structure, convenient to maintenance or updates.


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