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Electronic neutral silicone sealant-FD-96
Electronic neutral silicone sealant-FD-96
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Product Characteristics Product Characteristics
■ Electronic neutral silicone sealant is one-component, neutral cure silicone elastomer adhesive using moisture in the air curing at room temperature. Many of the goods and materials (such as metals, plastics, ceramics and glass) with good bonding properties, the elastomer after curing long-term use at -50 ℃ ~ + 200 ℃, with moisture, water, radiation, weathering etc. Features; excellent electrical performance, excellent for electronic components, bonding fixture seal.
The main purpose Main Function
■ electronic components fixed and sealed.
■ energy-saving lamps, automotive lamps and other lighting industry sealing adhesive.
■ Auxiliary refrigerators and freezers reinforcement seal.

Description Directions For Use
■ no toxicity after the product is fully cured, but before curing should avoid contact with the eyes, children; the work area to keep the environment ventilation.
■■ user Note: this article is published in the information that we consider reliable, because the actual situation is very different, we can not in all cases Yigai understand, we can not guarantee that our products in some usages and use correct and applicable sex.
■■ user before using the product should learn more about the product, and then decide the best method to use.

Packaging and Storage Packaging And Storage
■ 300ml plastic tube packaging.
■■ stored below 27 ℃ dry place, safe storage period of 9 months.

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