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Advanced surface sealants-FD-9700
Advanced surface sealants-FD-9700
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▲ Features Product Characteristics
■ FD advanced plane to take off oxime sealant, high modulus, neutral curing at room temperature, oil resistance, high temperature, fast curing time, out of good, more than 20 years of outstanding performance, non-corrosive, high bond strength, elastic rubber formed after curing, can replace the traditional variety of gaskets, flame retardant grade FV-0, in - between 60 ℃ to 240 ℃ with good adhesion and sealing properties.
▲ The main purpose Main Function
■ automobile, motorcycle engine and gearbox assembly sealed.
■ canned motor or valve device.
■ various machinery and equipment and engine assembly seal.
■ vacuum pumps, reducer, gear boxes and other sealing devices.
■ Piping docking flat seal.

Description Directions For Use
■ cleaning agents to clean the adhesive surface of grease, dust, scale, etc., after drying glue.
■ The flat sealant uniformly coated on one plane, the sealing portion to form a closed ring, glue should be immediately closed after assembly, timely removal of extruded plastic.
■ When the coating is to ensure adhesive surface sealant full contact with the plane, the void can not exist and blistering.
■ This product rubberized surface temperature should not exceed 50 ℃.
Safety instructions Safety Instructions
■ construction sites must maintain good ventilation.
■ After 迸 product into the eyes rinse with plenty of water, and immediately sent to hospital for treatment.
■ product storage and use to avoid the reach of children.
Packaging and Storage Packaging And Storage
■ 300ml plastic tube packaging.
■■ stored below 27 ℃ dry place, safe storage period of 9 months.

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