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Transparent neutral alcohol-based gel-FD-199
Transparent neutral alcohol-based gel-FD-199
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Product Characteristics Product Characteristics
■ alcohol-based neutral curing.
■■ most common building materials, including concrete, stone, aluminum, brick, steel, glass, wood and most plastics with excellent adhesion, low modulus, high elasticity.
■■ Easy to use, easy construction.
■■ excellent weather resistance and UV resistance.
■■ After curing, from -50 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃ have good flexibility.
■■ environmental pollution, no corrosion on copper.
The main purpose Main Function
■ This is a special silicone glazing windows and doors for the industry designed sealant, which can outline a high-performance durable seams.
■ This series of products for wood, metal, plastic doors and windows box for all indoor and outdoor joints, seals and facades.

Appearance Appearance
■ fine, uniform paste, no bubbles, crust and gels.
Description Directions For Use
■ Recommended proportion bead width and thickness is 2: 1, at an outdoor temperature environment (substrate surface temperature exceeds 40 ℃ strip width exceeding 15mm) Please note that caution should be compatible with the adhesive material before use and adhesion test to confirm qualified construction.

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