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Aluminum bar
Aluminum bar
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Product Description

Aluminum (Al) is a kind of light metal and its compounds are widespread in nature, the earth's crust chinalco's resources of about 400 ~ 50 billion tons, second only to oxygen and silicon, in third place. As the first kinds of metal in the metal species. Aluminum has a special chemical and physical properties, not only light weight, hard texture, and have good ductility, conductivity, thermal conductivity, heat resistance and resistance to nuclear radiation, raw material is the important basis for the development of national economy.

Aluminum is content extremely rich metallic element on earth, its reserves in a 1 in the metal. To the end of the 19th century, aluminum didn't come to the fore, become a competitive metal in the engineering application, and the rage. Aviation, construction, automotive three important industrial development, requirements material properties have unique properties of aluminium and its alloys, it is greatly beneficial to the production and application of the new metal - aluminum

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