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Product Description

Introduction to the

Aluminum silicate needle carpet is a kind of aluminum silicate as raw material by electric Yin furnace process, special aluminum silicate fibers acupuncture forming a heat insulating refractory material.

2 classification

According to different production process can be divided into spun needle injection needle carpet and carpet;

Depending on the raw material and formula can be divided into: regular (STD), high purity (HP), high aluminum zirconium (HA), aluminum type, standard type, containing zirconium type (ZA).

Three characteristics

Aluminum silicate needle carpet is made by high quality the chamotte, after more than two thousand degrees high temperature melting, frozen with other additives and fusion, and has many special properties, such as good extensibility, strong shock resistance, light quality, excellent thermal insulation, strong stability, the high temperature deformation of several emission, so aluminum silicate acupuncture blanket is often used in chemical industry, construction industry, electronic industry, aerospace, military industry, air-conditioning refrigeration and other fields.

4 the advantages

Color white, size regular, set fire-resistant, heat insulation, heat preservation, do not contain any binder. Under neutral, oxidizing atmosphere, use for a long time, the aluminum silicate acupuncture blanket can still maintain good tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure. Heat resistance is 950-1400 ℃. With chemical stability, thermal stability, sound-absorbing noise reduction performance, tensile strength, low thermal conductivity; Heat capacity is low.

5 application

Aerospace, steel, petrochemical, electric power of high temperature heat insulation;

Equipment fire insulation;

Industrial furnace, heating device wall lining, backing insulation;

High temperature equipment insulation; Heat pipe heat insulation;

Electrical components heat insulation fire;

High temperature gaskets;

Inorganic fire shutter fire-resistant layer;

Aluminum silicate acupuncture blanket can also as a module, folded piece of raw materials.

Industrial furnace building materials, heating equipment, high temperature and pipe wall liner electric boiler, gas and nuclear heat insulation;

High temperature reaction chemical industry equipment and wall lining of heating equipment;

High-rise building fire prevention and heat insulation

Power boiler, steam turbine and nuclear heat insulation

High temperature reaction chemical industry equipment and wall lining of heating equipment

Heat pipe, pipe wall lining, industrial kiln

Weldments eliminating stress of insulation

Special metal casting eliminating stress of insulation

Kiln stove roof insulation

Storage method

Aluminum silicate acupuncture blanket is known to many of a high temperature resistant, strong vibration resistance, good extensibility, very refractory wear-resistant, heat preservation function is also very good a aluminum silicate products, mainly used in aerospace category, high temperature and other industry about commodity demand is extremely high. Aluminum silicate acupuncture blanket because of its characteristics, so should choose good storage environment.

Aluminum silicate acupuncture blanket usually on temporary factory inventory warehouse, but the demand of different goods on warehouse environment are different. Acupuncture blanket is mainly aluminum silicate, although has surely anti-corrosion function, but not with strong alkali acid mix in some deposit, cause acupuncture blanket failure. Followed by the warehouse cannot too wet may be directly exposed to the sun light, both good for acupuncture blanket deposit, will break present commodity may be moldy, so both poles environment to avoid. Eventually need to get the packaging, completes the dust process.

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