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Coated glass
Coated glass
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Product Description

The control of glassOnline sunlight control coated glass is a kind of coated glass of sun has good control effect.Product has stable physical and chemical properties, can be widely used in all kinds of buildings, light inlet window, etc.High penetration type LowE glassHigh penetration type LowE glass has high visible light transmittance, high solar transmittance and far infrared emissivity, so the sun heat radiation that the daylighting sex good, through the glass, insulation performance is good, more suitable for cold north area and part of the region of high permeability construction, highlight the natural lighting effect.LowE glass shade typeShade type LowE glass on indoor view has certain positive, can stop the sun radiation into indoor, limit the secondary thermal radiation enter indoor, outdoor summer south and north.Because of its rich decorative effect and outdoor view shade effect, suitable for all kinds of buildings.Double silver LowE glassDouble silver LowE highlights the glass shade on the solar radiation effect, the glass of high light penetration and low permeability of the sun's heat radiation cleverly combined together, have a high visible light transmittance, can effectively restrict the summer outdoor background thermal radiation into the interior.Application of editingThe most is the heat reflective glass and low-e glass.Basically adopts the vacuum magnetron sputtering and chemical vapor deposition methodCoated glassCoated glassTwo kinds of production methods.Relatively well-known in the international vacuum magnetron sputtering equipment manufacturers have a bok of American and German treasure company, chemical vapor deposition method of famous manufacturers such as pilkington company in the UK.Since the late 1980 s, there have been hundreds of coated glass production factory in our country, the influence in the industry of the vacuum magnetron sputtering manufacturers have China south bo group co., LTD. And Shanghai sun coated glass companies, such as chemical vapor deposition method, manufacturers are shandong bluestar glass company and the Yangtze river float glass, etc.

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