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Toughened glass
Toughened glass
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Product Description

securityWhen the glass from external damage, debris will into a honeycomb-like obtuse scrawled particles, not easy to cause serious harm to human body.High strengthThe same thickness of tempered glass impact strength is common glass 3 ~ 5 times, bending strength is common glass 3 ~ 5 times.Thermal stabilityToughened glass has good thermal stability, able to withstand the temperature difference is common glass of 3 times, can withstand 300 ℃ temperature changing.advantagesThe first it is intensity rises than common glass multiple, bending.The second is the use of security, increase its bearing capacity improved brittle quality, even if small shards of toughened glass damage has no acute Angle, dramatically reduced the harm of human body.Of toughened glass be able to bear or endure urgent cold urgent hot property has 3 ~ 5 times than common glass, generally can withstand 250 degrees above the temperature changing, have apparent effect to prevent thermal cracking.Is a kind of safety glass.To ensure high buildings to provide qualified materials safety guarantee.disadvantagesThe shortcomings of toughened glass:After 1. Toughened glass cannot again for cutting, and machining, only before the toughened glass for processing to the shape of a need, and then to steel processing.2. Although toughened glass strength is better than common glass, but toughened glass has the possibility of explosive (their rupture), and the possibility of common glass does not exist explosive.3. Toughened glass surface is uneven phenomenon (spot) wind, a slight thickness thinning.Thinning because glass after thermal softening, after a strong wind make its rapid cooling, the internal crystal glass gap smaller, pressure change, so after the toughened glass than in front of the steel to be thin.Normally after 4 ~ 6 mm in toughened glass thinning 0.2 ~ 0.8 mm, 8 ~ 20 mm in toughened glass thinning after 0.9 ~ 1.8 mm.According to the equipment to determine specific degree, this is the cause of toughened glass can't be a mirror.(4) through the glass tempering furnace physical toughened) after the construction of flat glass, generally will have deformation, deformation degree is decided by equipment and technical personnel.To a certain extent, affected the adornment effect (except for special needs).

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