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Photovoltaic glass
Photovoltaic glass
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Effect editing

After installing solar cells at the edge of the glass, the hybrid coatings are applied on the glass surface, and the coating absorbs the light from the sun and transmits the light at different wavelengths to the solar cells installed at the edge of the glass. Massachusetts Institute of Technology electrical engineer, the research team Mark Baldo said: the coating can be a large area of objects, such as the glass window on the collection of sunlight."

According to reports, this new material is not only suitable for glass, can also be used for plastic plate material. It can also be made of color or transparent colorless, and transparent color coated glass on the window will not affect the lighting.

Coated with the toughened glass, and the transmission rate will be higher.

Lighting editor

Most of the currently used large mirror solar concentrator mobile tracking of the sun, but the mirror configuration and the maintenance cost is high, and the whole device volume is huge, new energy technology has solved these problems. Because of this technology in the production process is not complicated, the material cost is not expensive, bardo said: "we think this is a kind of practical technology, because it greatly reduces the cost."

In addition, the existing solar panels can be added to this technology, the cost is not high but can make the efficiency increased by nearly 50%. "The low cost of this technology is a revolutionary advance in the use of solar energy," said Aravinda Gene, director of the office of the US Department of energy's office of basic energy sciences."

Development Editor


(1) China's solar collectors (including solar water heater) has become the most widely used solar energy applications, one of the industry's most rapid industrial. 1998 production in the world top, the total annual sales reached 3 billion 500 million yuan. But the solar photovoltaic power generation system started late in China, especially in the development and production of solar cells is also behind the international level, the overall is still in the initial stage of production of small, narrow application area, single product, backward technology.

Present situation

At present, in our country the rough statistics show that only about 5 (Dan Jinggui) built a solar cell production plant, the annual output of about 4.5 MW (Note: 1 megawatts (MW) of 1000 kilowatts) facility is still in the introduction of the existing production line. And many foreign companies have to look at the development and production of more advanced thin-film crystal solar cells. This new generation of advanced thin-film crystalline solar cells, the conversion efficiency can be as high as 3, compared to the current average conversion efficiency increased by 18.3% percentage points. According to insiders, China's average solar cell conversion efficiency is not high, the main reason is that the degree of localization of special materials is low, such as encapsulation glass is completely dependent on imports, high transmittance glass substrate market still cannot meet the demand of low iron content, scientific research has not fully and quickly transformed into industrial advantages.


It is gratifying that China's solar energy industry has begun to operate. Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the launch of the western action plan, will invest 250 million yuan in two years to carry out research, the establishment of a number of solar power, solar heating, solar air conditioning and other demonstration projects. At present, the national hi tech Development Zone, Hebei Baoding is accelerating the construction of polysilicon solar battery production base in China's largest, the set of solar cells, modules and application system as a whole, the ability after the completion of a project could reach an annual output of 3 megawatts of polysilicon solar battery, fill our number in the development of solar energy application blank. And it will greatly promote the solar cell with low iron glass production and sales market. According to reports, the North group is one of the earliest to organize experts to carry out the investigation on the domestic and international solar photovoltaic industry unit. Finally, the group decided with the Swiss ATLANTIS company formed a joint venture in Beijing - LAN autol Solar Technology Co. Ltd., photovoltaic products joint production of solar photovoltaic power generation component and roof power components in the two series, a number of varieties, and the world's leading solar energy utilization of new technology into the Chinese. The North group in 1998 in the domestic first introduced 76 kW international advanced roof solar power generation system has been stable operation, good effect. This system of daily power generation more than 12 kwh, can meet the electricity requirements of a well-off family of 1. Solar photovoltaic glass curtain wall glass curtain wall is a photoelectric converting solar silicon sealed in (like laminated glass) double tempered glass to achieve security of converting solar energy into a new type of ecological building materials electricity. Photoelectric glass curtain wall products can be widely used in the building of the shading system, building curtain wall, photovoltaic roof, photovoltaic doors and windows and other photovoltaic power generation. Can also be used for remote mountainous area residents, traffic, communication and weather, military and other departments, such as TV stations, satellite ground stations, microwave relay station, highway and railway signal lamp, agricultural photovoltaic system, the beacon, beacon etc.. Internationally, in 1996 the United States began to implement a known as the "photovoltaic building plan" to produce a large number of transparent photovoltaic glass curtain wall products, used in the building roof, wall and photovoltaic smart doors and windows. Experts predict that this using optical electrical components of the building integrated photovoltaic glass curtain wall project will become the most popular solar energy photovoltaic power generation system in twenty-first Century. In the world, the use of solar cells in the building and the manufacture of photovoltaic glass curtain wall combined development is particularly rapid, its market development prospects are very promising. Although the new ecological building materials, photovoltaic glass curtain wall development, production and application in China started late, but the United States "photovoltaic building plan", the European "million photovoltaic roof plan", Japan's "Asahi plan" and China's opening


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